Method URI Description
GET / Information about the running instance
POST /batch Send multiple operations in one request
GET /__heartbeat__ Return the status of dependent services
POST /buckets Create a bucket
GET /buckets List buckets
DELETE /buckets Delete every writable buckets
PUT /buckets/(bucket_id) Create or replace a bucket
GET /buckets/(bucket_id) Retrieve an existing bucket
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id) Delete a bucket
POST /buckets/(bucket_id)/groups Create a group
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/groups Retrieve the list of bucket’s group
PUT /buckets/(bucket_id)/groups/(group_id) Update a group
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/groups/(group_id) Retrieve a group
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id)/groups/(group_id) Delete a group
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections List bucket’s collections
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections Delete writable collections
POST /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections Create a collection
PUT /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id) Create or replace a collection
PATCH /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id) Update a collection
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id) Retreive an existing collection
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id) Delete a collection
POST /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records Upload a record
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records Retrieve stored records
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records Delete stored records
PUT /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records/(record_id) Replace a record
PATCH /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records/(record_id) Update a record
GET /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records/(record_id) Retrieve a single record
DELETE /buckets/(bucket_id)/collections/(collection_id)/records/(record_id) Delete a single record

Buckets, Groups, Collection and Record endpoints are resource endpoints which can be filtered, paginated, and interacted with as described in Resource endpoints.