Plural endpoints support limiting the number of elements returned. For example, you can retrieve a fixed number of records in a collection. To do this, provide a _limit query parameter specifying the number of records to return.

If there are more records for this collection than the limit, the response will provide a Next-Page header with the URL for the Next-Page.

When there is no more Next-Page response header, there is nothing more to fetch.

Pagination works on any plural endpoint.


The Next-Page URL will contain a continuation token (_token).

It is recommended to add precondition headers (If-Match or If-None-Match), in order to detect changes on collection while iterating through the pages.


In order to count the number of records, for a specific field value for example, without fetching the actual collection, a HEAD request can be used. The Total-Records response header will then provide the total number of records.