This document describes changes between each past release.

16.3.0 (unreleased)

  • Nothing changed yet.

16.2.1 (2023-09-13)

Bug fixes

  • Keep warning level for server-side logging (#3263)

16.1.0 (2023-09-06)

New features

  • Send logging warnings to Sentry, with logging debugs as breadcrumbs. Configure levels with kinto.sentry_breadcrumbs_min_level and kinto.sentry_events_min_level settings.

16.0.0 (2023-05-30)

Breaking Changes

  • Drop support of Python 3.7 (end-of-life 2023-06-27)

New features

  • Add request id to request.summary logs (read from X-Request-Id header and defaults to 16 hex string)


  • Fix typos on the Concepts page (#3151)

15.1.1 (2023-02-09)

Bug Fixes

  • Use correct import path for SQLAlchemy Sentry integration

15.1.0 (2023-02-08)

New features

  • Enable SQLAlchemy integration for Sentry

Internal Changes

  • Force SQLAlchemy version to 1.X

15.0.0 (2022-10-14)

Breaking Changes

  • raven is not installed by default anymore (fixes #3054). Sentry reporting is now enabled via settings (or environment variables).

In order to migrate from Kinto <14 to Kinto 15, remove the mention of sentry and raven from your logging configuration:

     # kinto.ini

     level = INFO
-    handlers = console, sentry
+    handlers = console

-    keys = console, sentry
+    keys = console

-    [handler_sentry]
-    class = raven.handlers.logging.SentryHandler
-    args = ('https://<key>:<secret><project>',)
-    level = WARNING
-    formatter = generic

And add the following settings:

kinto.sentry_dsn =
kinto.sentry_env = prod

For more information, see Settings documentation.


  • Fix /batch endpoint documentation about required authentication.

14.8.0 (2022-10-06)

New features

  • Add Cache-Control response header in root URL endpoint (/v1/) when the instance is configured as read-only.

14.7.2 (2022-04-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevents merging of ResourceChanged events if they were triggered from events listeners (cascade) (see mozilla/remote-settings#203)

14.7.1 (2022-03-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Include Kinto Admin VERSION file in package

Internal Changes

  • Exclude tests from built package

14.7.0 (2022-03-30)

Internal Changes

  • Test package description formatting in CI

  • Build kinto-admin (now at version 2.0.0) from source rather than mounting the <KintoAdmin /> component in a create-react-app app. (#2966)

Kinto Admin

Internal Changes

  • Replace react-breadcrumbs with custom component (Kinto/kinto-admin#2207)

  • Move signoff into main component tree, remove plugin system (Kinto/kinto-admin#2360)

  • Use environment variable to set SINGLE_SERVER, deprecate other settings (Kinto/kinto-admin#2373)

Bug Fixes

  • Downgrade to history v4 (Kinto/kinto-admin#2180)

  • Fix crash on incorrect auth credentials (Kinto/kinto-admin#2119)

For a complete log of Kinto Admin changes, see v1.31.0…v2.0.0

14.6.1 (2022-02-03)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash in /permissions endpoint when a setting is misinterpreted as resource permission (e.g. signer.auto_create_resources_principals)

Internal Changes

  • Update Dockerfile & docker-compose for faster, usable builds (#2942)

  • Add a file (fixes #2912) (#2918)

  • Fix support (#2921)

  • Remove duplicated dependencies (#2922)

14.6.0 (2021-11-16)

New features

  • Now send Cache-Control response headers on trailing slash redirects. See kinto.trailing_slash_redirect_ttl_seconds setting.


  • Fix query params typo in docs/tutorials/synchronisation.rst

  • Ref #2295: update URL of demo server (#2899)

Internal Changes

  • Update import path for authz consts and interface for Pyramid 2 (#2890)

14.5.1 (2021-10-18)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bundle of kinto-admin, using same versions of React as upstream package #GroundhogDay

Internal Changes

  • Add Selenium tests to detect Admin UI packaging issues (#2880)

  • Add safety check in release hook to make sure the bundle version of kinto-admin matches the plugin package version (fixes #1562)

14.5.0 (2021-10-08)

New feature

  • Add kinto.version_prefix_redirect_ttl_seconds setting in order to send Cache-Control response headers on version prefix redirects (fixes #2874)

14.4.1 (2021-09-20)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bundle of kinto-admin, using same versions of React as upstream package

14.4.0 (2021-09-16)


  • Fix “negociation” typo in docs/images/architecture.svg (#2813)

Internal changes

  • Replace ujson with rapidjson. (#2677)

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.30.2

14.3.0 (2021-06-11)


  • Fix documentation about disabling endpoints (#2794)

Internal changes

  • Now compatible with Pyramid 2 (#2764)

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.30.0

14.2.0 (2021-02-22)

New feature

  • Allow rotation of the user password hmac secret without rotating the default bucket id hmac secret. (#2647)


  • domain is parked, replace links with (#2720)

  • Fix broken url in docs (#2692)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.29.0

  • Show diff on failures. (#2723)

  • Add GitHub Actions workflows (#2677)

14.1.3 (2020-11-09)

  • Repackage kinto-admin

14.1.2 (2020-11-09)

Internal Changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.28.0

14.1.1 (2020-11-03)

Bug fixes

  • Fix broken Kinto admin (#2646)

Internal Changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.27.3

14.1.0 (2020-10-26)

New feature

  • Add ability to disable explicit permissions at object level (ref #893). Use kinto.explicit_permissions = false to only rely on inherited permissions (see settings docs)

Internal Changes

  • Distinguish readonly errors in storage backend (

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.27.0

  • Add support to Python 3.9

14.0.1 (2020-09-09)

Bug fixes

  • Do not break storage implementations (ie. kinto-redis) that rely on json class attribute (removed in v14.0.0)

  • Do not return 400 for ?_since=null (fixes #2595)

14.0.0 (2020-08-13)

Breaking changes

  • Drop the strict_json option, and use ultrajson everywhere

Bug fixes

  • Return 400 if _since is not int or str (fixes #2495)

Internal Changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.26.2

13.6.6 (2020-06-26)

Bug fixes

  • Fix messages duplication in logs (#2513)

  • Fix resource timestamp unicity (fixes #2472, #602)


  • Refer to proper terms in glossary (#2486)

13.6.5 (2020-03-31)

Bug fixes

  • Simplify get_objects_permissions query (#2475)

13.6.4 (2020-03-29)

Security fix

  • Fix permission checking with POST on plural endpoints (fixes #2459)

Bug fixes

  • Apply CORS headers to EOL responses (#2452)

Internal Changes

  • Remove auth parameter from postgresql/memory storage backends

  • Removed pytest-sugar

13.6.3 (2020-01-29)

Bug fixes

  • History entries datetimes now carry timezone information

  • Fix kinto init command (#2375)

  • Fix float strings parsing in certain URL query parameters. (#2392)

Internal Changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.26.1

  • Drop auth parameter from storage backend methods.

13.6.2 (2019-11-04)

Bug fixes

  • Second attempt at fixing loading of Kinto Admin (#2322)

13.6.1 (2018-10-31)

Bug fixes

  • Fix loading of Kinto Admin (#2320)

13.6.0 (2019-10-24)

New Features

  • Add Content-Security-Policy header and report URI (fixes #2303)

Internal Changes

  • Use package-lock file for Kinto Admin packaging

  • Use isort for formatting imports (Fixes #2270)

13.5.0 (2019-09-26)

Internal changes

  • Add a warning when using the accounts plugin with the memory backend. (fixes #2258)

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.25.1

13.4.0 (2019-09-12)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.25.0

13.3.0 (2019-08-14)

Bug fixes

  • Prevent password to be modified on modification of accounts metadata (fixes #2058)

  • Fix unexpected exception in /__version__ endpoint

  • Add Content-Type to default_cors_headers (refs #2220)

  • Fix crash with non-allowed requests on __user_data__ (fixes #2063)

  • Fix multiple event listeners on READ action (fixes #1755)

New features

  • Allow StatsD counter to be incremented by an arbitrary number

13.2.2 (2019-07-04)

Bug fixes

  • Fix apparence of Admin notifications (fixes #2191)

  • Fix intermittent failure when comparing timestamps in ConfigTest (fixes #2129)

13.2.1 (2019-06-21)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.24.1

13.2.0 (2019-06-18)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.24.0

13.1.1 (2019-05-23)

Bug fixes

  • Fix cache heartbeat test (fixes #2107)

  • Fix support of sqlalchemy.pool.NullPool for PostgreSQL backends. The default pool_size of 25 is maintained on the default pool class (QueuePoolWithMaxBacklog). When using custom connection pools, please refer to SQLAlchemy documentation for default values.

Internal changes

  • Remove dependency to kinto-redis in core tests

13.1.0 (2019-03-20)

New features

  • Expose the user_profile in the user field of the hello page. (#1989)

  • Add an “account validation” option to the accounts plugin. (#1973)

  • Add a validate endpoint at /accounts/{user id}/validate/{validation key} which can be used to validate an account when the account validation option is enabled on the accounts plugin.

  • Add a reset-password endpoint at /accounts/(user id)/reset-password which can be used to reset a user’s password when the account validation option is enabled on the accounts plugin.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed two potential bugs relating to mutable default values.

  • Fix crash on validating records with errors in arrays (#1508)

  • Fix crash on deleting multiple accounts (#2009)


  • Fixed spelling and Filtering docs

Internal changes

  • Use setup.cfg for package metadata (ref #1921)

API is now at version 1.22. See API changelog.

13.0.1 (2019-01-29)

Bug fixes

  • Loosen up the Content-Security policies in the Kinto Admin plugin to prevent Webpack inline script to be rejected (fixes #2000)

13.0.0 (2019-01-25)

Breaking changes

  • Update Kinto OpenID plugin to redirect with a base64 JSON encoded token. (#1988). This will work with kinto-admin 1.23

Bug fixes

  • security: Fix a pagination bug in the PostgreSQL backend that could leak records between collections

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.23.0

12.0.2 (2019-01-25)

Bug fixes

  • security: Fix a pagination bug in the PostgreSQL backend that could leak records between collections

12.0.1 (2019-01-21)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bumping of tombstones timestamps when deleting objects in PostgreSQL storage backend (fixes #1981)

  • Fix ETag header in responses of DELETE on plural endpoints (ref #1981)

12.0.0 (2019-01-10)

Breaking changes

  • Remove Python 3.5 support and upgrade to Python 3.6. (#1886)

  • Remove record from UnicityError class (#1919). This enabled us to fix #1545.

  • Storage backend API has changed, notions of collection and records were replaced by the generic terms resource and object. Plugins that subclass the internal ShareableResource class may also break.

  • GET requests no longer include the Total-Records header. To get a count in a collection you need to do a HEAD request. And the new header name is Total-Objects. (#1624)

  • Remove the UserResource class. And ShareableResource is now deprecated in favor of Resource.

  • Removed kinto.core.utils.parse_resource()`. Use ``kinto.core.utils.view_lookup_registry() instead (#1828)

  • Remove delete-collection command (#1959)

API is now at version 1.21. See API changelog.

New features

  • Add a user-data endpoint at /__user_data__/ which can be used to delete all data associated with a principal. This might be helpful for pursuing GDPR compliance, for instance. (Fixes #442.)

Bug Fixes

  • Like query now returns 400 when a non string value is used. (#1899)

  • Record ID is validated if explicitly mentioned in the collection schema (#1942)

  • The Memory permission backend implementation of remove_principal is now less generous with what it removes (#1955).


  • Change PostgreSQL backend URLs to be postgresql:// instead of the deprecated postgres://

Internal changes

  • Remove depreciation warning for mapping (#1904)

  • Fix depreciated warn method (#1903)

  • Use f-string instead of % or format operators. (#1886)

  • Ignore admin plugin node_modules folder while running black (#1902)

  • Remove regexp py36 warnings. (#1907)

  • Changed psycopg2 dependency for psycopg2-binary. (#1905)

  • Renamed core notions (ie. record and collection) (#710)

  • JSON Schema validation is optimized by keeping instances of validator cached. (#1807)

11.2.1 (2018-12-09)

  • Still supports jsonschema 2.6 before 3.0 is released as a production release. (#1923)

11.2.0 (2018-11-29)

New features

  • Return a 500 Internal Error on __version__ instead of 404 if the version file cannot be found (fixes #1841)

Bug fixes

  • Fix the http_api_version exposed in the /v1/ endpoint. The version 1.20 was getting parsed as a number 1.2.

  • Fix record:create not taken into account from settings. (fixes #1813)

Internal changes

  • Build the admin on the CI. (#1857)

  • Migrate JSON Hyper-Schema to Draft-07 (#1808)


  • Add documentation on troubleshooting Auth0 multiauth issue. (#1889)

11.1.0 (2018-10-25)

New features

  • Add ability to configure the project_name in settings, shown in the root URL (fixes #1809)

  • Use . as bucket/collection separator in cache control settings (fixes #1815)

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing favicon and inline images in kinto-admin plugin

Internal changes

  • Use mock from the standard library.

  • Blackify the whole code base (#1799, huge thanks to @Cnidarias for this!)

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.22

11.0.0 (2018-10-09)

Breaking changes

  • The basicauth policy is not used by default anymore (#1736)

If your application relies on this specific behaviour, you now have to add explicitly settings:

multiauth.policies = basicauth

But it is recommended to use other authentication policies like the OpenID Connect or the accounts plugin instead.

# Enable plugin.
kinto.includes = kinto.plugins.accounts

# Enable authenticated policy.
multiauth.policies = account
multiauth.policy.account.use = kinto.plugins.accounts.AccountsPolicy

# Allow anyone to create their own account.
kinto.account_create_principals = system.Everyone

You will find more details the authentication settings section of the documentation

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when querystring filter contains NUL (0x00) character (fixes #1704)

  • Many bugs were fixed in the Kinto Admin UI (see v1.21.0)


  • Huge refactor of documentation about authentication (#1736)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.21.0

  • Deprecate assertEquals and use assertEqual (fixes #1780)

  • Set schema to an instance instead of class (fixes #1781)

  • Fix DeprecationWarning for unrecognized backslash escapes (#1758)

10.1.2 (2018-10-03)

Bug fixes

  • Fix OpenID login in Kinto-Admin (Kinto/kinto-admin#641)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.20.2

10.1.1 (2018-09-20)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for adding extra OpenId providers (fixes #1509)

  • Change the meaning of event.payload["timestamp"]. Previously it was @reify‘d, which meant that it was calculated from before whatever thing triggered the event. Now we use a “fresh” timestamp. (Fixes #1469.)

10.1.0 (2018-09-17)

Bug fixes

  • Deleting a collection doesn’t delete access_control_entrries for its children (fixes #1647)

New features

  • The registry now has a “command” attribute during one-off commands such as kinto migrate. This can be useful for plugins that want to behave differently during a migration, for instance. (#1762)

10.0.0 (2018-08-16)

Breaking changes

  • now returns a generator rather than a list.

New features

  • Include Python 3.7 support.

  • now supports resource_name and resource_data. These are useful when emitting events from one view “as though” they came from another view.

  • Resource events can now trigger other resource events, which are handled correctly. This might be handy if one resource wants to simulate events on another “virtual” resource, as in kinto-changes.

Bug fixes

  • Raise a configuration error if the kinto.plugin.accounts is included without being enabled in policies. Without this kinto-admin would present a confusing login experience (fixes #1734).

Internal changes

  • Upgrade kinto-admin to v1.20.0

9.2.3 (2018-07-05)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade to kinto-admin v1.19.2

9.2.2 (2018-06-28)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade to kinto-admin v1.19.1

9.2.1 (2018-06-26)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where unresolved JSON pointers would crash server (fixes #1685)

Internal changes

  • Update the Dockerfile with the new kinto –cache-backend option. (#1686)

  • Upgrade to kinto-admin v1.19.0

9.2.0 (2018-06-07)


  • JSON schemas can now be defined in the bucket metadata and will apply to every underlying collection, group or record (fixes #1555)

API is now at version 1.20. See API changelog.

New features

  • Kinto Admin plugin now supports OpenID Connect

  • Limit network requests to current domain in Kinto Admin using Content-Security Policies

  • Prompt for cache backend type in kinto init (#1653)

  • kinto.core.utils now has new features route_path_registry and instance_uri_registry, suitable for use when you don’t necessarily have a request object around. The existing functions will remain in place.

  • openid plugin will carry prompt=none querystring parameter if appended to authorize endpoint.

Internal changes

  • Upgrade to kinto-admin v1.18.0

9.1.2 (2018-05-31)

Bug fixes

  • OpenID plugin used the same cache key for every access-token (fixes #1660)

9.1.1 (2018-05-23)

Internal changes

  • Correct spelling of GitHub.

  • Upgrade to kinto-admin v1.17.2

9.1.0 (2018-05-21)


  • Batch endpoint now checks for and aborts any parent request if subrequest encounters 409 constraint violation (fixes #1569)

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where you could not reach the last records via Next-Header when deleting with pagination (fixes #1170)

  • Slight optimizations on the get_all query in the Postgres storage backend which should make it faster for result sets that have a lot of records (#1622). This is the first change meant to address #1507, though more can still be done.

  • Fix a bug where the batch route accepted all content-types (fixes #1529)

Internal changes

  • Upgrage to kinto-admin v1.17.1

9.0.0 (2018-04-25)


  • Introduce contains and contains_any filter operators (fixes #343).

API is now at version 1.19. See API changelog.

Breaking changes

  • The storage class now exposes bump_timestamp() and bump_and_store_timestamp() methods so that memory based storage backends can use them. (#1596)

Internal changes

  • Authentication policies can now hard code and override the name specified in settings


  • Version number is taken from package in order to ease release process (#1594)

  • Copyright year is now dynamic (#1595)

Internal changes

  • Upgrade the kinto-admin UI to 1.17.0

8.3.0 (2018-04-06)

Security fix

  • Validate the account user password even when the session is cached (fixes #1583). Since Kinto 8.2.0 the account plugin had a security flaw where the password wasn’t verified during the session duration.

New features

  • Add bucket and account creation permissions in the permissions endpoint (fixes #1510)

Bug fixes

  • Reduce the OpenID state string length to fit in the PostgreSQL cache backend (fixes #1566)


  • Improve OpenID settings and API documentation

Internal Changes

  • Now fully rely on (or contributors) to update the versions in the requirements.txt file (fixes #1512)

  • Move from importing pip to running it in a subprocess (see

  • Remove useless print when using the OpenID policy (ref #1509)

  • Try to recover from the race condition where two requests can delete the same record. (Fix #1557; refs #1407.)

  • Fix a bug in the memory backend where paginating past the end of a list would restart pagination. (Refs #1584.)

8.2.2 (2018-03-28)

Internal changes

  • Fix kinto-admin dependency error in 8.2.1 to actually really upgrade it to 1.15.1

8.2.1 (2018-03-28)

Internal changes

8.2.0 (2018-03-01)

New features

  • Add Openid connect support (#939, #1425). See demo

  • Account plugin now caches authentication verification (#1413)

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing principals from user info in root URL when default bucket plugin is enabled (fixes #1495)

  • Fix crash in Postgresql when the value of url param is empty (fixes #1305)

Internal Changes

  • Upgraded the kinto-admin to version 1.15.0

8.1.5 (2018-02-09)

Bug fixes

  • Restore “look before you leap” behavior in the Postgres storage backend create() method to check whether a record exists before running the INSERT query (#1487). This check is “optimistic” in the sense that we can still fail to INSERT after the check succeeded, but it can reduce write load in configurations where there are a lot of create()s (i.e. when using the default_bucket plugin).

8.1.4 (2018-01-31)

Bug fixes

  • Allow inherited resources to set a custom model instance before instantiating (fixes #1472)

  • Fix collection timestamp retrieval when the stack is configured as readonly (fixes #1474)

8.1.3 (2018-01-26)

Bug fixes

  • Optimize the PostgreSQL permission backend’s delete_object_permissions function in the case where we are only matching one object_id (or object_id prefix).

8.1.2 (2018-01-24)

Bug fixes

  • Flushing a server no longer breaks migration of the storage backend (#1460). If you have ever flushed a server in the past, migration may be broken. This version of Kinto tries to guess what version of the schema you’re running, but may guess wrong. See for some additional information.

Internal changes

  • We now allow migration of the permission backend’s schema.

Operational concerns

  • The schema for the Postgres permission backend has changed. This changes another ID column to use the “C” collation, which should speed up the delete_object_permissions query when deleting a bucket.

8.1.1 (2018-01-18)

Operational concerns

  • The schema for the Postgres storage backend has changed. This changes some more ID columns to use the “C” collation, which fixes a bug where the bump_timestamps trigger was very slow.

8.1.0 (2018-01-09)

Internal changes

  • Update the Docker compose configuration to use memcache for the cache backend (#1405)

  • Refactor the way ignores settings (#1410)

Operational concerns

  • The schema for the Postgres storage backend has changed. This changes some ID columns to use the “C” collation, which will make delete_all queries faster. (See e.g., which says “If you do use the C locale, you do not need the xxx_pattern_ops operator classes, because an index with the default operator class is usable for pattern-matching queries in the C locale.”) This may change the default sort order and grouping of record IDs.

New features

  • New setting kinto.backoff_percentage to only set the backoff header a portion of the time.

  • make tdd allows development in a TDD style by rerunning tests every time a file is changed.

Bug fixes

  • Optimize the Postgres collection_timestamp method by one query. It now only makes two queries instead of three.

  • Update other dependencies: newrelic to (#1409), setuptools to 38.4.0 (#1411, #1429, #1438, #1440), pytest to 3.3.2 (#1412, #1437), raven to 6.4.0 (#1421), werkzeug to 0.14.1 (#1418, #1434), python-memcached to 1.59 (#1423), zest.releaser to 6.13.3 (#1427), bravado_core to 4.11.2 (#1426, #1441), statsd to 3.2.2 (#1422), jsonpatch to 1.21 (#1432), sqlalchemy to 1.2.0 (#1430), sphinx to 1.6.6 (#1442).

8.0.0 (2017-11-29)

Breaking changes

  • Storage backends no longer support the ignore_conflict argument (#1401). Instead of using this argument, consider catching the UnicityError and handling it. ignore_conflict was only ever used in one place, in the default_bucket plugin, and was eventually backed out in favor of catching and handling a UnicityError.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a TOCTOU bug in the Postgres storage backend where a transaction doing a create() would fail because a row had been inserted after the transaction had checked for it (#1376).

7.6.2 (2017-11-28)

Operational concerns

  • The schema for the Postgres ``storage`` backend has changed. This lets us prevent a race condition where deleting and creating a thing at the same time can leave it in an inconsistent state (#1386). You will have to run the kinto migrate command in order to migrate the schema.

Bug fixes

  • Document how to create an account using the POST /accounts endpoint (#1385).

Internal changes

  • Update dependency on pytest to move to 3.3.0 (#1403).

  • Update other dependencies: setuptools to 38.2.1 (#1380, #1381, #1392, #1395), jsonpatch to 1.20 (#1393), zest.releaser to 6.13.2 (#1397), paste-deploy to 0.4.2 (#1384), webob to 1.7.4 (#1383), simplejson to 3.13.2 (#1389, #1390).

  • Undo workaround for broken kinto-http.js in the kinto-admin plugin (#1382).

7.6.1 (2017-11-17)

Bug fixes

  • Fix kinto-admin loading.

7.6.0 (2017-11-16)


  • When a record is pushed with an older timestamp, the collection timestamps is not bumped anymore. (#1361)

New features

  • A new custom logging formatter is available in kinto.core. It fixes the issues of mozilla-cloud-services-logger. Consider migrating your logging settings to :

class = kinto.core.JsonLogFormatter

Bug fixes

  • Do not log empty context values (ref #1363)

  • Fixed some attributes in logging of errors (ref #1363)

  • Fixed logging of method/path of batch subrequests (ref #1363)

  • Fix removing permissions with Json Merge (#1322).

Internal changes

  • Moved PostgreSQL helper function to Python code (ref #1358)

7.5.1 (2017-10-03)

Bug fixes

  • Use the KINTO_INI env variable to findout the configuration file. (#1339)

  • Fix create-user command for PostgreSQL backend (#1340)

  • Make sure create-user command updates password (#1336)

7.5.0 (2017-09-27)

  • Add a memcached cache backend (#1332)

7.4.1 (2017-09-01)

  • Failed to publish Kinto Admin

7.4.0 (2017-08-30)

New features

  • Add a create-user kinto command (#1315)

Bug fixes

  • Fix pagination token generation on optional fields (#1253)

7.3.2 (2017-08-14)

Bug fixes

  • The PostgreSQL cache backend now orders deletes according to keys, which are a well-defined order that never changes. (Fixes #1308.)

Internal changes

  • Now all configuration options appear as commented lines on the configuration template (#895)

  • Added task on PR template about updating the configuration template if a new configuration setting is added.

  • Use json instead of ujson in storage in tests (#1255)

  • Improve Docker container to follow Dockerflow recommendations (fixes #998)

7.3.1 (2017-07-03)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug in Postgres backend regarding the handling of combining filters and NULL values.

7.3.0 (2017-06-23)

New features

  • Account plugin now allows account IDs to be email addresses (fixes #1283).

Bug fixes

  • Make it illegal for a principal to be present in account_create_principals without also being in account_write_principals. Restricting creation of accounts to specified users only makes sense if those users are “admins”, which means they’re in account_write_principals. (Fixes #1281.)

  • Fix a 500 when accounts without an ID are created (fixes #1280).

  • Fix StatsD unparseable metric packets for the unique user counter (fixes #1282)

Internal changes

  • Upgraded the kinto-admin to version 1.14.0

7.2.2 (2017-06-22)

Bug fixes

  • Fix permissions endpoint when using account plugin (fixes #1276)

7.2.1 (2017-06-20)

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing collection_count field in the rebuild-quotas script.

  • Fix bug causing validation to always succeed if no required fields are present.

Internal changes

  • Upgraded to Pyramid-tm 2 (fixes #1187)

7.2.0 (2017-06-15)


  • Filtering with like can now contain wild chars (eg. ?like_nobody=*you*). It is thus now impossible to search for the * character with this operator.

  • Handle querystring parameters as JSON encoded values to avoid treating number as number where they should be strings. (#1217)

  • Introduce has_ filter operator (fixes #344).

API is now at version 1.17. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Several changes to the handling of NULLs and how the full range of JSON values is compared in a storage backend (PR #1258). Combined with #1252, this should fix #1215, #1216, #1217 and #1257, as well as possibly some others.

  • Fix requests output when running with make serve (fixes #1242)

  • Fix pagination on permissions endpoint (fixes #1157)

  • Fix pagination when max fetch storage is reached (fixes #1266)

  • Fix schema validation when internal fields like id or last_modified are marked as required (fixes #1244)

  • Restore error format for JSON schema validation errors (which was changed in #1245).

Internal changes

  • Add check on account plugin to avoid conflict with default basicauth policy (fixes #1177)

  • Add documentation about Kinto Admin plugin (fixes #858)

7.1.0 (2017-05-31)

New feature

  • delete() method from cache backend now returns the deleted value (fixes #1231)

  • kinto rebuild-quotas script was written that can be run to repair the damage caused by #1226 (fixes #1230).

Bug fixes

  • The default_bucket plugin no longer sends spurious “created” events for buckets and collections that already exist. This causes the quotas plugin to no longer leak “quota” when used with the default_bucket plugin. (#1226)

  • Fix removal of timestamps when parent object is deleted (fixes #1233)

  • Do not allow to reuse deletion tokens (fixes #1171)

  • accounts plugin: fix exception on authentication. (#1224)

  • Fix crash with JSONSchema validation of unknown required properties (fixes #1243)

  • Fix bug on bucket deletion where other buckets could be deleted too if their id started with the same id

  • Fix permissions of accounts created with PUT by admin (ref #1248)

  • Fix ownership of accounts created with POST by admin (fixes #1248)

Internal changes

  • Make memory storage consistent with PostgreSQL with regard to bytes (#1237)

  • Some minor cleanups about the use of kinto.readonly (#1241)

7.0.1 (2017-05-17)

Bug fixes

  • Fix missing package.json file in package. (#1222)

Internal changes

  • Upgraded the kinto-admin to version 1.13.3

7.0.0 (2017-05-15)

Breaking changes

  • The flush endpoint is now a built-in plugin at kinto.plugins.flush and should be enabled using the includes section of the configuration file. KINTO_FLUSH_ENDPOINT_ENABLED environment variable is no longer supported. (#1147)

  • Settings with cliquet. prefix are not supported anymore.

  • Logging configuration now relies on standard Python logging module (#1150)


kinto.logging_renderer = kinto.core.logs.ClassicLogRenderer


formatter = color

keys = color

class = logging_color_formatter.ColorFormatter
  • Forbid storing bytes in the cache backend. (#1143)

  • kinto.core.api was renamed to kinto.core.openapi (#1145)

  • Logging extra information on message must be done using the extra keyword (eg.'msg', extra={a=1}) instead of'msg', a=1)) (#1110, #1150)

  • Cache entries must now always have a TTL. The ttl parameter of cache.set() is now mandatory (fixes #960).

  • get_app_settings() from kinto.core.testing.BaseWebTest is now a class method (#1144)


  • Groups can now be created with a simple PUT (fixes #793)

  • Batch requests now raise 400 on unknown attributes (#1163).

Protocol is now at version 1.16. See API changelog.

New features

  • Enforce the permission endpoint when the admin plugin is included (fixes #1059)

  • Access control failures are logged with WARN level (fixes #1074)

  • Added an experimental Accounts API which allow users to sign-up modify their password or delete their account (fixes #795)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Memory backend sometimes show empty permissions (#1045)

  • Allow to create default bucket with a PUT request and an empty body (fixes #1080)

  • Fix PostgreSQL backend when excluding a list of numeric values (fixes #1093)

  • Fix ignore_conflict storage backend create method parameter to keep the existing rather than overriding it. (#1134)

  • Fix impacted records of events generated by implicit creation in default bucket (#1137)

  • Removed Structlog binding and bottlenecks (fixes #603)

  • Fixed Swagger output with subpath and regex in pyramid routes (fixes #1180)

  • Fixed Postgresql errors when specifying empty values in querystring numeric filters. (fixes #1194)

  • Return a 400 Bad Request instead of crashing when the querystring contains bad characters. (fixes #1195)

  • Fix PostgreSQL backend from deleting records of the same name in other buckets and collections when deleting a bucket. (fixes #1209)

  • Fix race conditions on deletions with upsert in PostgreSQL storage.update() (fixes #1202)

  • Fix PostgreSQL backend race condition when replacing permissions of an object (fixes #1210)

  • Fix crash when deleting multiple buckets with quotas plugin enabled (fixes #1201)

Internal changes

  • Do not keep the whole Kinto Admin bundle in the repo (fixes #1012)

  • Remove the email example from the custom code event listener tutorial (fixes #420)

  • Removed useless logging info from resource (ref #603)

  • Make sure prefixed userid is always first in principals

  • Run functional tests on PostgreSQL

  • Fix tests with Pyramid 1.9a

  • Removed useless deletions in quota plugin

  • Upgraded the kinto-admin to version 1.13.2

6.0.0 (2017-03-03)

Breaking changes

  • Remove Python 2.7 support and upgrade to Python 3.5. (#1050)

  • Upgraded minimal PostgreSQL support to PostgreSQL 9.5 (#1056)

  • The --ini parameter is now after the subcommand name (#1095)


  • Fixed If-Match behavior to match the RFC 2616 specification (#1102).

  • A 409 Conflict error response is now returned when some backend integrity constraint is violated (instead of 503) (ref #602)

Protocol is now at version 1.15. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Prevent injections in the PostgreSQL permission backend (#1061)

  • Fix crash on If-Match: * (#1064)

  • Handle Integer overflow in querystring parameters. (#1076)

  • Flush endpoint now returns an empty JSON object instad of an HTML page (#1098)

  • Fix nested sorting key breaks pagination token. (#1116)

  • Remove deleted field from PUT requests over tombstones. (#1115)

  • Fix crash when preconditions are used on the permission endpoint (fixes #1066)

  • Fixed resource timestamp upsert in PostgreSQL backend (#1125)

  • Fix pserve argument ordering with Pyramid 1.8 (#1095)

Internal changes

  • Update the upsert query to use an INSERT or UPDATE on CONFLICT behavior (fixes #1055)

  • Remove pypy supports. (#1049)

  • Permission schema children fields are now set during initialization instead of on deserialization (#1046).

  • Request schemas (including validation and deserialization) are now isolated by method and endpoint type (#1047).

  • Move generic API schemas (e.g TimeStamps and HeaderFields) from kinto.core.resource.schema to a sepate file on kinto.core.schema. (#1054)

  • Upgraded the kinto-admin to version 1.10.0 (#1086, #1128)

  • Upgrade to Pyramid 1.8 (#1087)

  • Replace old loadtests with functional tests (#1085)

  • Use Cornice Swagger rather than merging YAML files to generate the OpenAPI spec.

  • Gracefully handle UnicityError with the default_bucket plugin and the PostgreSQL backend using PostgreSQL 9.5+ ON CONFLICT clause. (#1122)

5.3.2 (2017-01-31)

Bug fixes

  • Retries to set value in PostgreSQL cache backend in case of BackendError (fixes #1052)

5.3.1 (2017-01-30)

Bug fixes

  • Retries to set value in PostgreSQL cache backend in case of IntegrityError (fixes #1035)

Internal changes

  • Remove JSON Patch content-type from accepted types on the viewset, since it is handled in a separate view (#1031).

  • Upgraded to Kinto-Admin 1.8.1

  • Configure the Kinto Admin auth methods from the server configuration (#1042)

5.3.0 (2017-01-20)

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash with batch endpoint when list of requests contains trailing comma (fixes #1024)

Internal changes

  • Cache backend transactions are not bound to the request/response cycle anymore (fixes #879)

  • Quick mention of PostgreSQL commands to run tests locally in contributing docs.

  • Use YAML safe_load for the swagger file. (#1022)

  • Request headers and querystrings are now validated using cornice schemas (#873).

  • JSON Patch format is now validated using cornice (#880).

  • Upgraded to Kinto-Admin 1.8.0

5.2.0 (2017-01-11)


Protocol is now at version 1.14. See API changelog.

New features

  • When admin is enabled, /v1/admin does not return 404 anymore, but now redirects to /v1/admin/ (with trailing slash).

Bug fixes

  • Add missing Total-Records field on DELETE header with plural endpoints (fixes #1000)

Internal changes

  • Changed default listening address from to (#949, thanks @PeriGK)

  • Upgrade to Kinto-Admin 1.7.0

5.1.0 (2016-12-19)


  • Add a basicauth capability when activated on the server. (#937)

  • Add ability to delete history entries using DELETE (#958)

Protocol is now at version 1.13. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Permissions are now correctly removed from permission backend when a parent object is deleted (fixes #898)

  • Heartbeat of storage backend does not leave tombstones (fixes #985)

  • Fix record_id attribute in history entries when several records are modified via a batch request (fixes #942)

  • Fix crash on redirection when path contains control characters (fixes #962)

  • Fix crash on redirection when path contains unicode characters (#982)

  • Fix performance issue when fetching shared objects from plural endpoints (fixes #965)

  • Fix JSON-Merge validation (fixes #979)

  • Fix crash when If-Match or If-None-Match headers contain invalid unicode data (fixes #983)

  • Add missing ETag and Last-Modified headers on POST and DELETE responses (#980)

  • Return 404 on non-existing objects for users with read permissions (fixes #918)

  • Fix pagination with DELETE on plural endpoints (fixes #987)

New features

  • Activate basicauth in admin by default. (#943)

  • Add a setting to limit the maximum number of bytes cached in the memory backend. (#610)

  • Add a setting to exclude certain resources from being tracked by history (fixes #964)

Backend changes

  • storage.delete_all() now accepts sorting, pagination_rules and limit parameters (#997)

  • permissions.get_accessible_objects() does not support Regexp and now accepts a with_children parameter (#975)

  • cache.set() now logs a warning if ttl is None (#967)

Internal changes

  • Remove usage of assert (fixes #954)

  • The delete_object_permissions() of the permission backend now supports URI patterns (eg. /bucket/id*)

  • Refactor handling of prefixed user id among request principals

  • Add a warning when a cache entry is set without TTL (ref #960)

  • Replaced insecure use of random.random() and random.choice(...) with more secure random.SystemRandom().random() and random.SystemRandom().choice(...). (#955)

  • Removed usage of pattern matching in PostgreSQL when not necessary (ref #907, fixes #974)

  • Insist about authentication in concepts documentation (ref #976)

  • Upgrade to Kinto-Admin 1.6.0

5.0.0 (2016-11-18)

Breaking changes

  • Upgraded to Cornice 2.0 (#790)


Protocol is now at version 1.12. See API changelog.

New features

  • Added a new built-in plugin kinto.plugins.admin to serve the kinto admin.

  • Added a new parse_resource utility to kinto.core.utils

Bug fixes

  • Fixed showing of backend type twice in StatsD backend keys (fixes #857)

  • Fix crash when querystring parameter contains null string (fixes #882)

  • Fix crash when redirection path contains CRLF character (fixes #887)

  • Fix response status for OPTION request on version redirection (fixes #852)

  • Fix crash in PostgreSQL backend when specified bound permissions is empty (fixes #906)

  • Permissions endpoint now exposes the user permissions defined in settings (fixes #909)

  • Fix bug when two subfields are selected in partial responses (fixes #920)

  • Fix crash in permission endpoint when merging permissions from settings and from permissions backend (fixes #926)

  • Fix crash in authorization policy when object ids contain unicode (fixes #931)

Internal changes

  • Resource mapping attribute is now deprecated, use schema instead (#790)

  • Clarify implicit permissions when allowed to create child objects (#884)

  • Upgrade built-in admin plugin to Kinto Admin 1.5.0

  • Do not bump timestamps in PostgreSQL storage backend when non-data columns are modified.

  • Add some specifications for the permissions endpoint with regards to inherited permissions

  • Add deletion of multiple groups in API docs (#928)

Thanks to all contributors, with a special big-up for @gabisurita!

4.3.1 (2016-10-06)

Bug fixes

  • Make sure we redirect endpoints with trailing slashes with the default bucket plugin. (#848)

  • Fix group association when members contains system.Authenticated (fixes #776)

  • Raise an error when members contains system.Everyone or a group ID (#850)

  • Fix StatsD view counter with 404 responses (#853)

  • Fixes filtering on ids with numeric values. (fixes #851)

4.3.0 (2016-10-04)


  • Fix error response consistency with safe creations if the create permission is granted (fixes #792). The server now returns a 412 instead of a 403 if the If-None-Match: * header is provided and the create permission is granted.

  • The permissions attribute is now empty in the response if the user has not the permission to write on the object (fixes #123)

  • Filtering records now works the same on the memory and postgresql backends: if we’re comparing to a number, the filter will now filter out records that don’t have this field. If we’re comparing to anything else, the record without such a field is treated as if it had ‘’ as the value for this field. (fixes #815)

  • Parent attributes are now readable if children creation is allowed. That means for example that collection attributes are now readable to users with record:create permission. Same applies to bucket attributes and collection:create and group:create (fixes #803)

  • Return an empty list on the plural endpoint instead of 403 if the create permission is allowed

Protocol is now at version 1.11. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash in history plugin when target had no explicit permission defined (fixes #805, #842)

New features

  • The storage backend now allows parent_id pattern matching in (#821)

  • The history and quotas plugins execution time is now monitored on StatsD (kinto.plugins.quotas and kinto.plugins.history) (#832) kinto.version_json_path settings (fixes #830)

Internal changes

  • Fixed a failing pypy test by changing the way it was mocking transaction.manager.commit (fixes #755)

  • Moved storage/cache/permissions base tests to kinto.core.*.testing (fixes #801)

  • Now fails with an explicit error when StatsD is configured but not installed.

  • Remove redundant fields from data column in PostgreSQL records table (fixes #762)

4.2.0 (2016-09-15)


  • Support for filtering records based on a text search (#791)

Protocol is now at version 1.10. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Fix concurrent writes in the memory backend (fixes #759)

  • Fix heartbeat transaction locks with PostgreSQL backends (fixes #804)

  • Fix crash with PostgreSQL storage backend when filtering with integer on a missing field (fixes #813)

Internal changes

  • Fix links to comparison table in docs

4.1.1 (2016-08-29)

Bug fixes

  • Fix kinto init input function (#796)

4.1.0 (2016-08-22)

New features

  • Show warning when http_scheme is not set to https (#706, thanks @Prashant-Surya)

Bug fixes

  • Fix sorting/filtering history entries by date field

  • On subobject filtering, return a 400 error response only if first level field is unknown (on resources with strict schema)

4.0.1 (2016-08-22)

New features

  • Permissions endpoint (GET /permissions) can now be filtered, sorted and paginated.

Bug fixes

  • Return 400 error response when history is filtered with unknown field

  • Fix crash on permissions endpoint when history is enabled (#774)

  • Fix crash on history when interacting via the bucket plural endpoint (/buckets) (fixes #773)

Internal changes

  • Fix documentation of errors codes (fixes #766)

  • kinto.id_generator was removed from documentation since it does not behave as expected (fixes #757, thanks @doplumi) folder and a kinto.core.testing module was introduced for tests helpers (fixes #605)

  • In documentation, link the notion of principals to the permissions page instead of glossary

  • Add details about PATCH behaviour (fixes #566)

4.0.0 (2016-08-17)

Breaking changes

  • kinto --version was renamed kinto version

  • ResourceChanged and AfterResourceChanged events now return old and new records for the delete action. (#751)

  • Redis backends are not part of the core anymore. (#712). Use kinto_redis.cache instead of kinto.core.cache.redis Use instead of Use kinto_redis.permission instead of kinto.core.permission.redis

  • Redis listener is not part of the core anymore. (#712) Use kinto.event_listeners.redis.use = kinto_redis.listeners instead of kinto.event_listeners.redis.use = kinto.core.listeners.redis

  • Notion of unique fields was dropped from kinto.core resources.


  • Added a /__version__ endpoint with the version that has been deployed. (#747)

  • Allow sub-object filtering on plural endpoints (e.g ? (#345)

  • Allow sub-object sorting on plural endpoints (e.g ? (#345)

Protocol is now at version 1.9. See API changelog.

New features

  • Added a new built-in plugin kinto.plugins.history that keeps track of every action that occured within a bucket and serves a stream of changes that can be synced. See API documentation.

  • Added a new --dry-run option to command-line script migrate that will simulate migration operation without executing on the backend (thanks @lavish205! #685)

  • Added ability to plug custom StatsD backend implementations via a new kinto.statsd_backend setting. Useful for Datadog™ integration for example (fixes #626).

  • Added a delete-collection action to the kinto command. (#727)

  • Added verbosity options to the kinto command. (#745)

  • Added a built-in plugin that allows to define quotas per bucket or collection. (#752)

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where the resource events of a request targetting two groups/collection from different buckets would be grouped together.

  • Fix crash when an invalid UTF-8 character is provided in URL

  • Fix crash when provided last_modified field is not divisible (e.g. string)

Internal changes

  • Huge rework of documentation after the merge of Cliquet into kinto.core (#731)

  • Improve the documentation about generating docs (fixes #615)

  • Switch from cliquet-pusher to kinto-pusher in Dockerfile and tutorial.

  • List posssible response status on every endpoint documentation (#736)

  • Remove duplicated and confusing docs about generic resources

  • Replace the term protocol by API in documentation (fixes #664)

  • Add load tests presets (exhaustive, read, write) in addition to the existing random. Switched integration test make loadtest-check-simulation to run the exhaustive one (fixes #258)

  • Remove former Cliquet load tests (#733)

  • Add a flag to to run simulation load tests on default bucket. Uses blog bucket by default (#733)

  • Add command-line documentation (#727)

  • The --backend command-line option for kinto init is not accepted as first parameter anymore

  • Improved parts of the FAQ (#744)

  • Improve 404 and 403 error handling to make them customizable. (#748)

  • kinto.core resources are now schemaless by default (fixes #719)

3.3.3 (2016-09-12)

  • Fix heartbeat transaction locks with PostgreSQL backends (fixes #804)

3.3.2 (2016-07-21)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Redis get_accessible_object implementation (#725)

  • Fix bug where the resource events of a request targetting two groups/collection from different buckets would be grouped together.

3.3.1 (2016-07-19)


  • Add the permissions_endpoint capability when the kinto.experimental_permissions_endpoint is set. (#722)

3.3.0 (2016-07-18)


  • Add new experimental endpoint GET /v1/permissions to retrieve the list of permissions granted on every kind of object (#600). Requires setting kinto.experimental_permissions_endpoint to be set to true.

Protocol is now at version 1.8. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash in authorization policy when requesting GET /buckets/collections (fixes #695)

  • Fix crash with PostgreSQL storage backend when provided id in POST is an integer (#688). Regression introduced in 3.2.0 with #655.

  • Fix crash with PostgreSQL storage backend is configured as read-only and reaching the records endpoint of an unknown collection (fixes #693, related #558)

  • Fix events payloads for actions in the default bucket (fixes #704)

  • Fix bug in object permissions with memory backend

  • Make sure the tombstone is deleted when the record is created with PUT. (#715)

  • Allow filtering and sorting by any attribute on buckets, collections and groups list endpoints

  • Fix crash in memory backend with Python3 when filtering on unknown field

Internal changes

  • Resource events constructors signatures were changed. The event payload is now built immediately when event is fired instead of during transactoin commit (#704).

  • Fix crash when a resource is registered without record path.

  • Changed behaviour of accessible objects in permissions backend when list of bound permissions is empty.

  • Bump last_modified on record when provided value is equal to previous in storage update() method (#713)

  • Add ability to delete records and purge tombstones with just the parent_id parameter (#711)

  • Buckets deletion is now a lot more efficient, since every sub-objects are deleted with a single operation on storage backend (#711)

  • Added get_objects_permissions() method in permission backend (#714)

  • Changed get_accessible_objects(), get_authorized_principals() methods in permission backend (#714)

  • Simplified and improved the code quality of kinto.core.authorization, mainly by keeping usage of get_bound_permissions callback in one place only.

3.2.0 (2016-06-14)


  • Allow record IDs to be any string instead of just UUIDs (fixes #655).

Protocol is now at version 1.7. See API changelog.

New features

  • kinto start now accepts a --port option to specify which port to listen to. Important: Because of a limitation in Pyramid tooling, it won’t work if the port is hard-coded in your existing .ini file. Replace it by %(http_port)s or regenerate a new configuration file with kinto init.

  • Add support for pool_timeout option in Redis backend (fixes #620)

  • Add new setting kinto.heartbeat_timeout_seconds to control the maximum duration of the heartbeat endpoint (fixes #601)

  • Ability to define ID generators per object type via the settings

Bug fixes

  • Fix loss of data attributes when permissions are replaced with PUT (fixes #601)

  • Fix 400 response when posting data with id: "default" in default bucket.

  • Fix 500 on heartbeat endpoint when a check does not follow the specs and raises instead of returning false.

Internal changes

  • Renamed some permission backend methods for consistency with other classes (fixes #608)

  • Removed some deprecated code that had been in kinto.core for too long.


  • Mention in groups documentation that the principal of a group to be used in a permissions definition is the full URI (e.g. "write": ["/buckets/blog/groups/authors"])

  • Fix typo in GitHub tutorial (thanks @SwhGo_oN, #673)

  • New Kinto logo (thanks @AymericFaivre, #676)

  • Add a slack badge to the README (#675)

  • Add new questions on FAQ (thanks @enguerran, #678)

  • Fix links to examples (thanks @maxdow, #680)

3.1.0 (2016-05-24)


  • Added the GET /contribute.json endpoint for open-source information (fixes #607)

Protocol is now at version 1.6. See API changelog.

Bug fixes

  • Fix internal storage filtering when an empty list of values is provided.

  • Authenticated users are now allowed to obtain an empty list of buckets on GET /buckets even if no bucket is readable (#454)

  • Fix enabling flush enpoint with KINTO_FLUSH_ENDPOINT_ENABLED environment variable (fixes #588)

  • Fix reading settings for events listeners from environment variables (fixes #515)

  • Fix principal added to write permission when a publicly writable object is created/edited (fixes #645)

  • Prevent client to cache and validate authenticated requests (fixes #635)

  • Fix bug that prevented startup if old Cliquet configuration values were still around (#633)


  • Improved documentation about running in production with uWSGI (#543, #545)

3.0.1 (2016-05-20)

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when a cache expires setting is set for a specific bucket or collection. (#597)

  • Mark old cliquet backend settings as deprecated (but continue to support them). (#596)

3.0.0 (2016-05-18)

  • Major version update. Merged cliquet into kinto.core. This is intended to simplify the experience of people who are new to Kinto. Addresses #687.

  • Removed initialize_cliquet(), which has been deprecated for a while.

  • Removed cliquet_protocol_version. Kinto already defines incompatible API variations as part of its URL format (e.g. /v0, /v1). Services based on kinto.core are free to use http_api_version to indicate any additional changes to their APIs.

  • Simplify settings code. Previously, public_settings could be prefixed with a project name, which would be reflected in the output of the hello view. However, this was never part of the API specification, and was meant to be solely a backwards-compatibility hack for first-generation Kinto clients. Kinto public settings should always be exposed unprefixed. Applications developed against kinto.core can continue using these names even after they transition clients to the new implementation of their service.

Bug fixes

  • Add an explicit message when the server is configured as read-only and the collection timestamp fails to be saved (ref Kinto/kinto#558)

  • Prevent the browser to cache server responses between two sessions. (#593)

  • Redirects version prefix to hello page when trailing_slash_redirect is enabled. (#700)

  • Fix crash when setting empty permission list with PostgreSQL permission backend (fixes Kinto/kinto#575)

  • Fix crash when type of values in querystring for exclude/include is wrong (fixes Kinto/kinto#587)

  • Fix crash when providing duplicated principals in permissions with PostgreSQL permission backend (fixes #702)

  • Add app.wsgi to the manifest file. This helps address #543.

2.1.1 (2016-04-29)

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash in JSON schema validation when additional properties are provided (fixes #548)

  • Strip internal fields before validating JSON schema (fixes #549)

  • Fix migration of triggers in PostgreSQL storage backend when upgrading from Kinto<2.0. Run the migrate command will basically re-create them (fixes #559)


  • Fix typo in RHEL installation instructions (#552, thanks @enkidulan!)

  • Link to english version of kinto presentation article (#553, thanks @glasserc!)

  • Document basics about PostgreSQL privileges (#547)

  • Change links from to (#557)

  • Fix Parse server license in docs (#571, thanks @revolunet!)

2.1.0 (2016-04-19)

Bug fixes

  • Relax content-type validation when no body is posted (fixes #507)

  • Fix creation events not sent for implicit creation of objects in the default bucket (fixes #529)

  • Fix the Dockerfile pip install (#522)

  • Fix concurrency control request headers to recreate deleted objects (#512)

New features

  • Allow groups to store arbitrary properties. (#469)

  • A cache_prefix setting was added for cache backends. (mozilla-services/cliquet#680)


  • Put the cloud provider links in a comparison table (#514)

  • Fix the module name of Redis event listener (thanks @happy-tanuki, #516)

  • Add Makefile Documentation (thanks @ayusharma, #483)

  • Document how to run Docker with custom config file (#525)

  • Fix API version title (#523)

  • Add a ‘upgrade pip’ command in the getting-started docs (#531)

  • Document how to configure the postgresql backend (#533)

  • Document how to upgrade Kinto (#537, #538)

Protocol is now in version 1.5. See API changelog.

2.0.0 (2016-03-08)


  • Allow buckets to store arbitrary properties. (#239, #462)

  • Delete every (writable) buckets using DELETE /v1/buckets

  • Delete every (writable) collections using DELETE /v1/buckets/<bucket-id>/collections

  • Clients are redirected to URLs without trailing slash only if the current URL does not exist (#656)

  • Partial responses can now be specified for nested objects (#445) For example, /records?_fields=address.street.

  • List responses are now sorted by last_modified descending by default (#434, thanks @ayusharma)

  • Server now returns 415 error response if client cannot accept JSON response (#461, mozilla-services/cliquet#667)

  • Server now returns 415 error response if client does not send JSON request (#461, mozilla-services/cliquet#667)

  • Add the __lbheartbeat__ endpoint, for load balancer membership test.

  • Add the flush_endpoint, schema and default_bucket to the capabilities if enabled in settings (#270)

Protocol is now in version 1.4. See API changelog.

Breaking changes

  • kinto.plugins.default_bucket plugin is no longer assumed. We invite users to check that the kinto.plugins.default_bucket is present in the includes setting if they expect it. (ref #495)

  • kinto start must be explicitly run with --reload in order to restart the server when code or configuration changes (ref #490).

  • Errors are not swallowed anymore during the execution of ResourceChanged events subscribers.

    Subscribers are still executed within the transaction like before.

    Subscribers are still executed even if the transaction is eventually rolledback. Every subscriber execution succeeds, or none.

    Thus, subscribers of these events should only perform operations that are reversed on transaction rollback: most likely database storage operations.

    For irreversible operations see the new AfterResourceChanged event.

New features

  • Event subscribers are now ran synchronously and can thus alter responses (#421)

  • Resource events are now merged in batch requests. One event per resource and per action is emitted when a transaction is committed (mozilla-services/cliquet#634)

  • Monitor time of events listeners execution (mozilla-services/cliquet#503)

  • Added a new AfterResourceChanged event, that is sent only when the commit in database is done and successful. See more details.

  • Track execution time on StatsD for each authentication sub-policy (mozilla-services/cliquet#639)

  • Default console log renderer now has colours (mozilla-service/cliquet#671)

  • Output Kinto version with kinto --version (thanks @ayusharma)

Bug fixes

  • Fix PostgreSQL backend timestamps when collection is empty (#433)

  • ResourceChanged events are not emitted if a batch subrequest fails (mozilla-services/cliquet#634) There are still emitted if the whole batch transaction is eventually rolledback.

  • Fix a migration of PostgreSQL schema introduced that was never executed (mozilla-services/cliquet#604)

  • Fix statsd initialization on storage (mozilla-services/cliquet#637)

  • Providing bad last modified values on delete now returns 400 (mozilla-services/cliquet#665)

  • Providing last modified in the past for delete now follows behaviour create/update (mozilla-services/cliquet#665)

  • Do not always return 412 errors when request header If-None-Match: * is sent on POST /collection (fixes #489, mozilla-service/cliquet#673)

  • Fix secret in ini on Python 3 (fixes #341)

  • Error when trying to create an empty directory (fixes #475)

  • Text plain body should be rejected with an error (#461)


  • Additions in troubleshooting docs (thanks @ayusharma)

  • Add uwsgi bind error to troubleshooting (fixes #447)

  • Mention python plugin for Uwsgi (#448)

  • Add how to troubleshoot psql encoding problems. (#453)

  • Add mini checklist for CDN deployment (#450)

  • Replace subjective ligthweight by minimalist (fixes #417)

  • Improve synchronisation docs (#451)

  • Add the requirements in the Readme (#465)

  • Add docs about architecture (fixes #430)

  • Add a ‘why’ paragraph to the docs (Kinto value proposition) (#482)

  • Update docs: how to choose the backend (#485, thanks @Enguerran)

  • Add a custom id generator tutorial (#464)

Internal changes

  • Changed default duration between retries on error (Retry-After header) from 30 to 3 seconds.

  • Speed-up startup (ref #490)

  • Optimized (and cleaned) usage of (un)authenticated_userid (#424, mozilla-services/cliquet#641)

  • Fixed usage of virtualenv in Makefile (#443)

  • Add a badge for the irc channel (#459)

  • Change phrasing for backend selection (#470)

  • Add a CONTRIBUTING file (#471, thanks @magopian)

  • Add a contribute.json file (#478, #480, thanks @magopian)

1.11.2 (2016-02-03) ——————=

Bug fixes

  • Expose the ETag header in 304 responses for default bucket (ref mozilla-services/cliquet#631)


  • Add Scalingo one-click deploy button (#418, thanks @yannski)

  • Improve introduction of notifications tutorial (#419, thanks @tarekziade)

  • Fix typos (thanks @magopian)

1.11.1 (2016-02-01) ——————=

Bug fixes

  • Fix wheels for Python 3 that were requiring the functools32 package that is for Python 2 only (fixes #303).


  • Fix a broken hyperlink in the overview section. (#406, thanks William Hoang)

  • Talk about tokens rather than user:password (#393)

1.11.0 (2016-01-28) ——————=


  • Forward slashes (/) are not escaped anymore in JSON responses (mozilla-services/cliquet#537)

  • Fields can be filtered in GET requests using _fields=f1,f2 in querystring (#399)

  • New collections can be created via POST requests (thanks John Giannelos)

  • The API capabilities can be exposed in a capabilities attribute in the root URL (#628). Clients can rely on this to detect optional features on the server (e.g. enabled plugins)

Protocol is now version 1.3. See API changelog.

New features

  • Add a Heroku single-clic deploy button (#362)

  • Install PostgreSQL libraries on kinto init (fixes #313)

  • Smaller Docker container image (#375, #376, #383)

  • Install major plugins in Dockerfile (fixes #317)

  • The policy name used to configure authentication in settings is now used for the user id prefix and StatsD authn_type counters.

  • Check backends configuration at startup (#228)

  • Output message for config file creation (#351, thanks Aditya Basin)

  • Trigger internal event on server flush (#354)

Bug fixes

  • Fix validation of collection id in default bucket (fixes #260)

  • Fix kinto init failure when the config folder already exists (#349)

  • Fix Docker compose startup (fixes #325)

  • Run migrate command when Docker container starts (fixes #363)

  • Fix listener name logging during startup (#626)

  • Do not log batch subrequests twice (#264)

  • Fix hmac digest with Python 3 (#288)

  • Add explicit dependency for functools32 when Kinto is installed with an old pip version (fixes #303)



  • Add tutorials about notifications (ref #353)

  • Add tutorial how to write a plugin (#382)

  • Add tutorial how to setup GitHub authentication (#390)

  • Move default values to dedicated column in docs (fixes #255)

  • Move run-kinto to get-started and remove platform specific installation instructions (#373)


  • Update features table in overview

  • Update overview comparisons (#294, #324, #328)

  • Update FAQ (#397, #398)

  • Simplify some aspects of the settings page (#374)

  • Sharding documentation (#381)


  • Added missing DELETE endoint for list of records (fixes #238)

  • Mention how to restrict private URLs with NGinx (fixes #250)

  • Fix link to the freenode #kinto channel in the docs (#333)

  • Remove Firefox Account mention from README (fixes #326)

  • Move application examples page to wiki (ref #321)

  • Move PostgreSQL server docs to wiki (fixes #321)

  • Change colors of logo (#359)

  • Add invitation for community to point their demos/use cases (fixes #356)

  • Remove duplicate glossary in docs (#372)

  • Remove troubleshooting paragraph from contributing page (#385)

  • Fix wrong groups name and permissions names in the documentation (#389)

  • Improve formatting of code block in tutorials (#391, #396)

Internal changes

  • Default bucket feature is now a built-in plugin (fixes #277, fixes #311, #380)

  • Do not require cliquet master branch in dev (#341, #400). Now moved as tox env in TravisCI

1.10.1 (2015-12-11) ——————=

Bug fixes

  • Fix kinto init when containing folder does not exist (fixes #302)

Internal changes

  • Added Hoodie in the comparison matrix (#282, thanks @Niraj8!)

  • Added a get started button in documentation (#315, thanks @Niraj8!)

1.10.0 (2015-12-01) ——————=

Breaking changes

  • When using cliquet-fxa, the setting multiauth.policy.fxa.use must now be explicitly set to cliquet_fxa.authentication.FxAOAuthAuthenticationPolicy

  • Fields in the root view were renamed (mozilla-services/cliquet#600)

Bug fixes

  • Fix redis default host in kinto init (fixes #289)

  • Fix DockerFile with default configuration (fixes #296)

  • Include plugins after setting up components (like authn/authz) so that plugins can register views with permissions checking

  • Remove __permissions__ from impacted records values in ResourceChanged events (mozilla-services/cliquet#586)


Changed the naming in the root URL (hello view) (mozilla-services/cliquet#600)

  • Added http_api_version

  • Renamed hello to project_name

  • Renamed protocol_version to cliquet_protocol_version

  • Renamed documentation to project_docs

  • Renamed version to project_version

New features

  • New options in configuration of listeners to specify filtered actions and resource names (mozilla-services/cliquet#492, mozilla-services/cliquet#555)

  • Add ability to be notified on read actions on a resource (disabled by default) (mozilla-services/cliquet#493)

Internal changes

  • Clarified how Kinto is versionned in the documentation (#305)

1.9.0 (2015-11-18)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.11.0

Breaking changes

  • For PostgreSQL backends, it is recommended to specify postgresql://.


  • In the hello view:

    • Add a bucket attribute in user mapping allowing clients to obtain the actual id of their default bucket

    • Add the protocol_version to tell which protocol version is implemented by the service. (#324)

  • _since and _before now accepts an integer value between quotes ", as it would be returned in the ETag response header.

  • A batch request now fails if one of the subrequests fails (mozilla-services/cliquet#510) (see new feature about transactions)

New features

  • Add a Kinto command for start and migrate operation. (#129)

  • Add a Kinto command to create a configuration file. (#278)

  • A transaction now covers the whole request/response cycle (#194). If an error occurs during the request processing, every operation performed is rolled back. Note: This is only enabled with PostgreSQL backends. In other words, the rollback has no effect on backends like Redis or Memory.

  • New settings for backends when using PostgreSQL: *_max_backlog, *_max_overflow, *_pool_recycle, *_pool_timeout to control connections pool behaviour.

Bug fixes

  • Fix 500 error response (instead of 503) when storage backend fails during implicit creation of objects on default bucket. (fixes #236)

  • Fixed Dockerfile for PostgreSQL backends.

  • Fix JSON schema crash when no field information is available.

Internal changes

  • Optimization for retrieval of user principals (#263)

  • Do not build the Docker container when using Docker Compose.

  • Add Python 3.5 on TravisCI

  • Add schema validation loadtest (fixes #201)

  • Multiple documentation improvements.

  • The PostgreSQL backends now use SQLAlchemy sessions.

See also *Cliquet* changes

1.8.0 (2015-10-30)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.10.0

Protocol breaking changes

  • Moved userid attribute to a dedicated user mapping in the hello view (#242).

New features

  • Follow redirections in batch subrequests (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#511)

  • Set cache headers only when anonymous (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#449)

  • Add a readonly setting to run the service in read-only mode. (#241)

  • If no client cache is set, add Cache-Control: no-cache by default, so that clients are forced to revalidate their cache against the server (ref Kinto/kinto#231)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed 503 error message to mention backend errors in addition to unavailability.

  • When recreating a record that was previously deleted, status code is now 201 (ref mozilla-services/cliquet#530).

  • Fix PostgreSQL error when deleting an empty collection in a protected resource (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#528)

  • Fix PUT not using create() method in storage backend when tombstone exists (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#530)

  • Delete tombstone when record is re-created (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#518)

  • Fix crash with empty body for PATCH (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#477, fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#516)

  • Fix english typo in 404 error message (fixes mozilla-services/cliquet#527)

1.7.0 (2015-10-28)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.9.0

  • Update cliquet-fxa configuration example for cliquet-fxa 1.4.0

  • Improve the documentation to get started

New features

  • Added Pyramid events, triggered when the content of a resource has changed. (#488)

  • Added kinto.includes setting allowing loading of plugins once Kinto is initialized (unlike pyramid.includes). (#504)


  • Remove the broken git revision commit field in the hello page. (#495).

Please read the full Cliquet 2.9.0 changelog for more information

1.6.2 (2015-10-22)

Bug fixes

  • Handle 412 details with default bucket (#226)

1.6.1 (2015-10-22)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.8.2

Bug fixes

  • Return a JSON body for 405 response on the default bucket (#214)

Internal changes

  • Improve documentation for new comers (#217)

  • Do not force host in default configuration (#219)

  • Use tox installed in virtualenv (#221)

  • Skip python versions unavailable in tox (#222)

1.6.0 (2015-10-14)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.8.1

Breaking changes

  • Settings prefixed with cliquet. are now deprecated, and should be replaced with non prefixed version instead.

  • In the root url response, public settings are exposed without prefix too (e.g. batch_max_requests).

1.5.1 (2015-10-07)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.7.0

1.5.0 (2015-09-23)

  • Add Disqus comments to documentation (fixes #159)

New features

  • Allow POST to create buckets (fixes #64)

  • Control client cache headers from settings or collection objects (#189)

Internal changes

  • Remove dead code (#187, ref #53)

  • Add pytest-capturelog for better output on test failures (#191)

  • Install cliquet middleware (no-op if disabled) (#193)

  • Many optimizations on default bucket (#192, #197)

  • Many optimizations on number of storage hits (#203)

  • Fix contributing docs about tests (#198)

  • Added more batched actions to loadtests (#199)

1.4.0 (2015-09-04)

New features

  • Partial collection of records when user has no read permission on collection (fixes #76). Alice can now obtain a list of Bob records on which she has individual read permission!

  • Collection can now specify a JSON schema and validate its records (#31). The feature is marked as experimental and should be explicitly enabled from settings (#181)

  • Accept empty payload on buckets and collections creation (#63)

  • Allow underscores in Kinto bucket and collection names (#153, fixes #77)

  • Collection records can now be filtered using multiple values (?in_status=1,2,3) (mozilla-services/cliquet#39)

  • Collection records can now be filtered excluding multiple values (?exclude_status=1,2,3) (mozilla-services/readinglist#68)

  • Current userid is now provided when requesting the hello endpoint with an Authorization header (mozilla-services/cliquet#319)

  • UUID validation now accepts any kind of UUID, not just v4 (mozilla-services/cliquet#387)

  • Querystring parameter _to on collection records was renamed to _before (the former is now deprecated) (mozilla-services/cliquet#391)

  • Allow to configure info link in error responses with cliquet.error_info_link setting (mozilla-services/cliquet#395)

Bug fixes

  • Fix consistency in API to modify permissions with PATCH (fixes #155) The list of principals for each specified permission is now replaced by the one provided.

  • Use correct HTTP Headers encoding in both Python2 and Python3 (#141)

  • ETag is now returned on every verb (fixes #110)

Internal changes

  • When deleting a collection also remove the records tombstones (#136)

  • Complete revamp of the documentation (#156 #167 #168 #169 #170)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.6.0

1.3.1 (2015-07-15)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.3.1

Bug fixes

  • Make sure the default route only catch /buckets/default and /buckets/default/* routes. (#131)

1.3.0 (2015-07-13)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.3.0

Bug fixes

  • Handle CORS with the default bucket. (#126, #135)

  • Add a test to make sure the tutorial works. (#118)

Internal changes

  • List StatsD counters and timers in documentation (fixes #73)

  • Update virtualenv dependencies on modification (fixes #130)

1.2.1 (2015-07-08)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.2.1

Bug fixes

  • Improvements and fixes in the tutorial (#107)

  • Querystring handling when using the personal bucket (#119)

  • Default buckets ID is now a UUID with dashes (#120)

  • Handle unknown permission and fix crash on /buckets (#88)

  • Fix permissions handling on PATCH /resource (mozilla-services/cliquet#358)

Internal changes

  • Test with the normal Kinto authentication policy and remove the fake one (#121)

1.2.0 (2015-07-03)

  • Upgraded to Cliquet 2.2.+

New features

  • Add the personal bucket /buckets/default, where collections are created implicitly (#71)

  • Kinto now uses the memory backend by default, which simplifies its usage for development (#86, #95)

  • Add public settings in hello view (mozilla-services/cliquet#318)

Bug fixes

  • Fix Docker compose file settings (#100)

  • Fix version redirection behaviour for unsupported versions (mozilla-services/cliquet#341)

  • Fix overriding backend settings in .ini (mozilla-services/cliquet#343)

Internal changes

  • Documentation improvements (#75)

  • Added tutorial (#79)

  • Remove hard dependency on PostgreSQL (#100)

  • Add pytest-cache (#98)

  • Add Pypy test on Travis (#99)

  • Update dependencies on make install (#97)

  • Fix URL of (#90)

1.1.0 (2015-06-29)

New features

  • Polish default kinto configuration and default to memory backend. (#81)

  • Add the kinto group finder (#78)

  • Flush endpoint now returns 404 is disabled (instead of 405) (#82)

Bug fixes

  • ETag not updated on collection update (#80)

Internal changes

  • Use py.test to run tests instead of nose (#85)

1.0.0 (2015-06-17)

New features

  • Added notion of buckets, user groups and collections (#48, #58)

  • Buckets, collections and records can now have permissions (#59)

Breaking changes

  • Updated Cliquet to 2.0, which introduces a lot of breaking changes (see changelog)

  • Firefox Accounts is not a dependency anymore and should be installed and included explictly using the python package cliquet-fxa (see documentation)

  • API is now served under /v1

  • Collections are now managed by bucket, and not by user anymore (#44)


A list of records cannot be manipulated until its parents objects (bucket and collection) are created.


Internal changes

  • Added documentation about deployment and data durability (#50)

  • Added load tests (#30)

  • Several improvements in documentation (#51)

0.2.2 (2015-06-04)

  • Upgraded to cliquet 1.8.+

Breaking changes

  • PostgreSQL database initialization process is not run automatically in production. Add this command to deployment procedure:

cliquet --ini config/kinto.ini migrate

Internal changes

  • Improved documentation (#29)

  • Require 100% coverage during tests (#27)

  • Basic Auth is now enabled by default in example config

0.2.1 (2015-03-25)

  • Upgraded to cliquet 1.4.1

Bug fixes

  • Rely on Pyramid API to build pagination Next-Url (#147)

0.2 (2015-03-24)

  • Upgraded to cliquet 1.4

Bug fixes

  • Fix behaviour of CloudStorage with backslashes in querystring (mozilla-services/cliquet#142)

  • Force PostgreSQl session timezone to UTC (mozilla-services/cliquet#122)

  • Fix basic auth ofuscation and prefix (mozilla-services/cliquet#128)

  • Make sure the paginate_by setting overrides the passed limit argument (mozilla-services/cliquet#129)

  • Fix crash of classic logger with unicode (mozilla-services/cliquet#142)

  • Fix crash of CloudStorage backend when remote returns 500 (mozilla-services/cliquet#142)

  • Fix python3.4 segmentation fault (mozilla-services/cliquet#142)

  • Add missing port in Next-Page header (mozilla-services/cliquet#147)

0.1 (2015-03-20)

Initial version

  • Schemaless storage of records

  • Firefox Account authentication

  • Kinto as a storage backend for cliquet applications